Friday, May 30, 2014

Overdue update

This should be a very long post, but it will be short. We are doing very well as a family. Stefan is very well adjusted. He can now walk completely on his own, though he is slower than other children his age and still walks with his hands out to help him balance. He also can get up from the ground by himself as well. He's very determined and making great progress. 

His language skills are awesome. I would say he's fairly fluent in English for a 3 year old, but regrettably has lost a lot of his Serbian. 

We are just so happy he is with us. We can't remember what life was like without him, and couldn't be happier. 

Lastly, we have decided to start saving up for the costs of our next adoption. So far we have $386 saved up! I will be posting fundraisers soon. We will be selling t-shirts again and Dove Chocolate Discoveries, and of course many other things as time moves on. I don't have the option of using my 401k this time, so we have a long road ahead of us.