Saturday, January 11, 2014

One Month Home

Stefan has been home for one month. Well, he's been in the United States for one month. Thanks to some trouble at O'Hare we were still trying to get home on the 12 of January. This time has gone by so fast.

Friday we went to the doctor and got a good plan in place. Some of his results came back and the doctor called yesterday and Stefan is good and healthy. He is going to stay on his medication for his seizures for now, and he is going to get braces to help his legs get stronger. The only other thing we have to add aside from PT is some Vitamin D. Good news for now!

How is Stefan doing? Pretty fantastic all things considering. He seems very happy. I know it's got to be hard on him still. He laughs a lot, keeps us laughing too. He is such a joy. My mom and I were discussing today how much he is like my Grandma Kitty (the orphan Grandma from previous posts). She was always happy and laughing, loved to sing and dance and had leg braces. Stefan seems to be always happy, loves to sing and dance and is going to get leg braces. Grandma was nice to everyone and loved everyone, Stefan loves everyone he meets, except for men with beards. People were always enamored with my Grandma Kitty, no one could ever hate her because of the wonderful person she was, she spread joy and it was impossible to be upset when she was around, we see the same thing in Stefan. Since being home, even on the plane ride home, all he has done is spread joy to others. I have random people coming up to me all the time telling me how sweet he looks, and how his laughter made their day.

Other big news with Stefan? He's FINALLY SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT. Well almost he whimpers a few times during the night, and I help him find his sippy cup or snuggle him a little tighter. (Yes, he is sleeping in our bed, and he's going to stay there until he's ready for his.)

How are mom and dad? We are just peachy! Eric is working a lot, and figuring out how to be dad. Stefan is finally figuring out that dad is fun! Mom is tired, I've been a little sick this week, so that makes it a little harder. I don't sleep much because I'm in "oh no I have to be awake if he wakes mode" still, but we are happy. Very happy.

And now to make you smile, a picture from Christmas of our darling Sweety Petey. (My nickname for him)
Shortly before coming home. 
Adoption Day